The weather has once again fooled us by not being as bad as we anticipated.  We will open at noon on Saturday, and be open until 7pm, weather permitting. Come enjoy a tasty craft brew, and maybe even grab a delicious taco or burrito from one of our neighboring businesses!

Cajun Food + Team Trivia

Thursday Night, January 11th

Ricki and Duane have some great grub straight from the bayou for you! Red beans, Sausage, Gumbo....YUMM-O!  Dinner service will begin around 5:30pm and Team Trivia will begin at 7:15pm. Come out an enjoy an evening with us, y'hear?

Gastro Gnomes

Friday Night, December 29th

Gastro Gnomes are on their farewell tour and we have twisted their arms to come back to downtown Paris one more time!  This Friday night will most likely be their last and we are so excited to have them!  Come out and enjoy their ever changing, and ALWAYS amazing menu at the Rooster Brew taproom with dinner service beginning around 5:30pm!

Yamaguchi + Team Trivia

Thursday Night, Dec 28th

Yamaguchi will be serving dinner in downtown Paris at the Rooster Brew taproom!  Yamaguchi's udon noodles, along with the rest of his menu, is a huge crowd favorite!!  Dinner service will begin around 5:30pm and Team Trivia will begin at 7:15pm.  Come out and enjoy an evening with us!